Uh oh, I just realized that I am overdue for an update so here is a quick one!

We are now exactly three weeks from our due date. I went to the Doc yesterday and she said that everything is looking great. Josh and I have been trying to get everything in order and have been doing pretty well. Our "to do" list this week included: putting car seats in, getting carpets cleaned, getting cable, preregistering at the hospital, getting a haircut, etc. and we are just checking things off of the list. We are pretty well prepared now with newborn clothes thanks to Chris and Emily and our friend Robyn, who unexpectedly allowed us to borrow tons and tons of stuff! I am not exactly sure what we were planning on doing once the baby arrived home before we were given all of these clothes but I am sure we would have figured it out somehow:)

In other and very important news, Josh just got a big promotion at work. Go Josh!!! He will now be supervising both the GIS and the Data Collections teams at his company. It sounds like it will be a lot more work but he is definitely up to the challenge. He, along with his new direct reportees, are very excited:)

I am at home waiting for Ginny (Josh's mom) and Josh to return from the airport. Ginny had a work trip to Portland and planned a stopover in Denver for the night. How fun!

My family (Mom, Dad, Chris, Emily, Samantha and Melissa) just did the Jimmy Fund Walk in Boston this past weekend. Josh and I were sad that we couldn't be there but I am grateful now that my body isn't suffering the repercussions of walking 13.1 miles. I can only imagine the swelling in my feet and legs...yikes! Here are some pics:

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