Newborn Class

Josh and I went to another parenting class last night, "Your Newborn: The Owner's Manual". We picked up some good tips but were far from impressed with our instructor. In a 2.5 hour class, she spent about about 1.5 hours talking about her own kids, which served no purpose in instructing her students about caring for a newborn. In the remaining hour, she talked resources, cord care, circumcision care, bathing, breast feeding, safety precautions, soothing babies, etc. Quite a lot to cover in an hour if you ask me! The worst part about it was how clearly biased and judgemental she was while she was speaking about everything. Josh and I were pretty quiet but there were plenty of contentious moments with the instructor and other members of the class. Josh and I were busy counting how many times she used the word "gist" (17 if you were wondering).

My favorite part of the class was when she asked the Dads in the room to get on the floor and practice swaddling the baby with a blanket. Josh gave me one of those "deer in the headlights" looks so we got on the floor together. Josh learned very quickly but he decided at that moment that he wanted me to sign him up for the "Daddy Boot Camp" class that the hospital offers. He felt a little bit left out when he looked around and saw all the other Dads confidently folding their blankets and wrapping them tightly around their fake babies.

I went to the Doctor this past Monday and everything looks good. She said the baby is in the 34th percentile as far as growth and weight are concerned. She was very happy with the baby's heartbeat and movement patterns and she said the baby is in perfect position (head down) to come out and greet us!

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Emily said...

okay, first of all, you don't even look pregnant at all in the front shot! (this is going to help you immensly once the babe is born!)

Tell Josh not to worry, you might get a baby who doesn't even like to be swaddled! Chris found that sammy liked to be held just like a football! convenient!