Never a dull moment

It has been an interesting couple of weeks! I will start where I left off on Saturday when I was blogging while Josh was racing in Winter Park. Not long after I finished writing, I received a phone call from Josh saying, “I really did it this time”. He went on to tell me that he had crashed his bike during the race and thought he hurt his ribs. He crashed less than a mile from the finish line and was able to get on his bike and pedal the rest of the way knowing that the paramedics were waiting there. After getting a thorough checkup, they allowed him to drive home thinking that he probably had bruised or broken a rib or two. So, he got in the car and drove home to Boulder, which is about a two hour trip. I had to leave to go to work before he got home so I was not there to greet him. However, after talking to him on the phone, I decided it was best that I cruise home to make sure he was okay and figure out if a trip to the ER was necessary. After taking one look at him, the decision was made to hit the hospital. We met with a nice RN, who was responsible for checking Josh’s injuries out. After a short visit, the nurse said that Josh was most likely just beaten up and that he was going to be free to go home after the nurse took a precautionary chest xray and finished cleaning out all of his cuts. The nurse left and Josh made the comment that he felt silly for making the trip to the ER for nothing. He said that when you take the time and effort to go to the ER, you almost want something to be wrong. Well, lucky guy got his wish! The chest xray showed that Josh had a broken rib and a pneumothorax (a collapsed lung for those of you out there who are like me and don’t understand this medical lingo). At the time, the Doctor thought that Josh would probably have to get a tube inserted into his chest in order to repair the collapsed lung. The other option was to stay overnight at the hospital on oxygen and under observation and see if the lung would start to repair itself. This seemed like a better option so Josh was soon whisked away in an ambulance to the trauma unit over at the other hospital in town. In the meantime, I headed home to take care of the dogs and pack an overnight bag for the two of us. We spent the night at the hospital and Josh was cleared to go home the next morning around 9am with an apparatus to monitor his breathing and an appointment to get checked out again on Wednesday. The lung looked good the following Wednesday so no surgery was necessary. He is doing much better now but is still in a good amount of pain. We are just thankful that it wasn’t worse especially after seeing his helmet, which was broken in five different places!

We have been taking it easy since the accident and have been spending a lot of time watching movies, reading and trying to sleep. We had a fun Childbirth class this past weekend and were able to take a tour of the Labor and Delivery unit at our hospital. You would not believe how nice the accommodations are! I will start by telling you that they have a Concierge as soon as you enter the floor that is responsible for allowing guests in and out. Our class leader continued to explain that the Concierge will be happy to order deliveries, make restaurant reservations and/or travel arrangements. Not kidding. The delivery room had a beautiful view of the Foothills and was well equipped with a nice tv, dvd player, cd player, ipod hookup, etc. We were also told that the hospital offers a nice continental breakfast every morning. It’s too bad that we have to deal with all the pain of childbirth because it was starting to look like it would be a nice little getaway for us!

Everything else is going very well. Ang and Linds (my best friends out here in CO) just returned from a two week trip to Israel for Matt’s (a friend of all of ours) wedding. I was supposed to go on the trip but decided early on in the pregnancy that it would be questionable to plan such a huge trip having no idea how I would be feeling. I am heading out to dinner tonight to hear all about it.

I will leave you with one little story that got me really excited about all of the interesting conversations I have waiting for me once our baby joins us. The other day, I had a sit down with Nicholas (my boss' son who is five years old) about the upcoming election and gun control. I was happy to find out that he is an Obama supporter though he couldn't really give reasons for why he is leaning that way. We moved pretty quickly into a conversation about gun control. He doesn't think that people should be allowed to have guns. After second thought, he thought that the following people should be able to have guns: Army, Police Officers and Cowboys (but they should not be able to shoot Indians. They should only be able to shoot the guns in the air to scare the horses or something like that).

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Emily said...

great job with the blogging kara! sammy is very glad to hear that uncle josh is doing better and can't wait to meet him in October! was it surreal to be in the L&D rooms? I remember finding it so weird that in a short time it would be me laying there in the bed having a baby!