Weekend Update

Wow, what a weekend! My very dear college friends - Ang, Melanie and Kalpana - made a pact to see each other for a girls' weekend at least once very year. Kalp lives in NYC so she flew out to spend the weekend with us since I am not technically allowed to fly between now and October. We picked Kalp up from the airport and had a lovely dinner out in Denver. We spent the night at Melanie's house and stayed up until 2am catching up. On Saturday, we had a very relaxing day, which included brunch out in Denver, dinner out in Boulder and many hours sitting on the couch chatting.

On Sunday, my best friends threw me a baby shower. We decided to keep it very small and intimate with Kalpana and my very closest friends in Colorado in attendance. I came home to a beautifully decorated house, the most delicious looking food and drink spread, a big pile of presents and, best of all, my friends' smiling faces.

We started the party around 11:30 am on Sunday and the last of the party goers left around 9:00pm. We spent the day eating, chatting, laughing, opening presents, playing games and then eating some more. The activity of the day was to have each of the party goers paint their own onesie for Baby W. to wear when the time comes. I could not believe the creativity. Here is the before and after shot:

It was an amazing weekend and my only complaint is that it went way too quickly!

Today marks the completion of our 30th week of pregnancy. Josh and I cannot beieve that we only have 2 months to go! The baby is now measuring over 16 inches and weighs 3 pounds. Here is an updated belly shot:

Josh is doing better though he is still in a good amount of pain from his accident a couple weeks back. He has been laying low for the most part and trying to ride a bit to keep himself sane. It is tough because it is so hot here and he is not allowed to go up to altitude where it is much cooler for another week. We are heading to Red Rocks tomorrow night to see James Taylor so we are looking forward to a nice night out.

And, just because I can never resist, here is an updated picture of my niece, Sammy:

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