Cleaning out the camera

I just picked up the camera and found some pictures that I forgot to put up on the blog.

Here she is getting in her rolling over position. Josh was coaching her while we were getting ready to watch. She ended up rolling over for the first time at the exact moment that the kicker kicked off to start the game!

This picture cracks me up. Ang was holding Avery and I guess Avery was making cute little noises. So, Ang came up to me and asked in a sweet voice, "what is Avery doing right now" thinking the baby was smiling away...well, what cute little Avery was doing right then was throwing up all down Ang's back:)

Ang has been working from my office one day a week. Avery likes to help her with her work from time to time.

Here are some pics fron Inauguration Day. Avery and I were both very patriotin in our red, wite and blue outfits.

We went to the Dr. today for Avery's 4 month checkup . She is now weighing in at an impressive 11 pounds, 15 oz. She is in the 10th percentile for weight, 25th percentile for head circumference and 75th percentile for height.

Here she is in the waiting room. She is sleeping peacefully not having any idea she is about to get 4 shots!

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