Hanging out with the girls

Yes, I have been a slacker with my blogging. Sorry! It doesn't help that our camera can only take one picture before the battery dies. So, as soon as I am done with this blog, I am ordering a new battery so I won't be able to use that excuse any longer! The good news is that Josh's mom and stepdad (Avery's Momzie & Bindi) are coming to visit in a week and a half so we are thinking
we will have pictures galore after that trip:)

A couple weeks ago, Lindsay and Jess called and said they wanted to come up and spend the night so Josh and I could have a full night's sleep. Here are some pictures from that evening. Can you tell how content she is with her aunties?

And then this past weekend, Ang, Linds & Jeanne came up to babysit while Josh and I headed down to Denver for a date night. Unfortunately, we were not aware that it was the Parade of Lights and that it would take us 2+ hours to get to our hotel. We found out quickly that the Parade actually snaked around our hotel so, not only was it impossible to find parking anywhere near our hotel, it was a challenge to even walk there because we had to cross the Parade on foot a number of times! By the time we finally arrived, we were more than ready for a relaxing night just the two of us. We had a wonderful time and are so very grateful that we have such amazing friends who allow us to have our special nights! Here are some pics from the girls' night at our house.

Last week, Ang and Linds hosted "No Cookie-Cookie Exchange" party at their house in Denver. The girls found a family in need and asked us all to bring a gift for them. Here is the pile of gifts collected for the family. I am always amazed at how wonderful our friends are and how much everyone does to help others.

As we were heading down to the party, Josh asked where our Baby Bjorn (baby backpack) was so that he could wear Avery at the party instead of holding her the whole time. I laughed knowing full well that he was dreaming if he thought that Avery would be in our hands for more than five minutes. And, as expected, Avery was the hit of the party and was passed around from one party goer to the next. Here she is saying her goodbyes at the end of the night.

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