7.13.08 - Here We Go Again!

I recently made a promise to several of my family members that I would blog once a week so here we go! I am now six months pregnant (almost 27 weeks) and am still feeling great. Josh and I are going to our first childbirth class today, which I am really looking forward to because I continue to realize how little we both know going into this! The baby is moving around a ton these days especially when it is time to lie down to go to bed. Baby W is measuring around 14 inches and weighs about a pound and two thirds. I have been experiencing a decent amount of acid reflux, which I am certain would be reduced if I cut back on my ice cream intake; however, where is the fun in that? My body feels good and I haven’t really been slowed down up to this point. I have discovered maternity summer dresses and they have been lifesavers. So comfy! People have been asking for a tummy picture so here you go:

Also, here are a couple pictures from an ultrasound we had on June 2nd (21 weeks pregnant at the time). Judging from the 2nd picture, I think Baby W is taking a page out of Daddy’s book and hiding from the camera!

I returned this week from a lovely trip to Rhode Island with the folks, Chris, Emily, baby Sammy, Melissa, Ian (Melissa’s boyfriend), the Studebakers (Emily’s parents) and our wonderful friends, Michael, Karen and Maris Vickerelli. I took the red eye out there and I think that was probably a mistake because I was not able to recover the way I usually am after the flight. I was sick to my stomach and light headed for the first couple of days so I wasn’t able to partake in the usual Valentine feasting that occurs. I did my best to make up for it when I was feeling better. The vacation was wonderful – lots of hanging out at the cottage, going to the beach, reading, napping, walking and sight seeing. It was great spending so much time with the Studebakers and we didn’t even have one single wrestling match over who got to hold the baby! Three month old Sammy was an absolute dream and is as cute as ever (I will let you be the judge).

It was sad to say goodbye because I won’t see my family for four months. They are all going to come out after the baby is born. I have been spoiled since Sammy has been born and have seen them once a month so four months is feeling like a really long time to me.

Everything else is going really well out here for us. Josh has been kicking butt on the race course lately and has been having a lot more fun on the bike. We traveled to Deer Valley, Utah for a national race a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful long weekend. It is so much fun when he races in a cool town (Park City) where we can turn the races into mini vacations for the two of us. We are kicking around the idea of going to Telluride next month for one last pre-baby hurrah.

Well, that’s it for now, more next week. Love to all of you!


Emily said...

YEAH! so fun! it's almost time for you to blog again! I LOVE that picture of sammy between the towels. I have it as my background on my phone!

Amanda said...

Those ultrasound pics are awesome. Baby W is SO cute...I can tell. :) Your belly is tiny! Lucky you!