Swimming and Camping and Visitors, Oh My!

Avery has been spending some time at our friend's pool lately. She was not a huge fan at the beginning but she is starting to have more fun with it. We are looking forward to spending some water time with older cousin Sammy this weekend so she can show Avery the ropes!

She may not have been the most active swimmer of the day but she was definitely the cutest!

We had a visit from my college roommate and one of my dearest friends, Kalpana. She and her daughter Shoriya, who is six months younger than Avery, flew in from NYC to spend the weekend. Shoriya and Avery had some cute interactions but mostly Avery was just mad that Shoriya kept trying to play with her toys. I lost count of how many times Avery said, "mine" and "no, no Shoriya". I can't wait to see how she does with her older cousin Sammy this weekend!
Ang, Kalp and I were able to get away for dinner last night so that we could really catch up. A big thanks to my hubby for staying home with the babies!
Giving her buddy a high-five!

Josh with his hands full!

Avery, our little mean girl, taking her Dora phone and stroller away from Shoriya.

Here are some pics from Avery's first camping trip. She had a great time and even slept relatively well. Josh and I were able to really relax because Avery was surrounded by all of her closest friends who watched her very closely.

Family Shot!

Avery and her daddy:
Avery and Linds:

Avery and Meg:

There's a story here. When Lindsay arrived at the campsite, she saw Avery running around in highish socks and sneakers and made a comment that she looked like a tourist from a foreign country. As soon as the words left her mouth, she looked down and realized she was wearing the same exact thing.

Avery and Ang:

The crew:

A couple videos. Avery is obsessed with ABBA these days and his especially fond of "Take a Chance on Me". And the other video is proof that she was nice to Shoriya at least part of the time!

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