An update, hooray!

Okay, so I can't seem to move pictures in the post so they are a little bit out of order! I guess we will have to start with this random picture of a pizza. We opened "Street Legal Pizza" last month and this is a picture of one of our first pizzas. The restaurant has been quite the learning experience to say the least. It is up and running now and doing better and better every single day!

Here are some pics that were taken of Avery's first haircut. It seriously took a village! Melissa and her boyfriend, Andrew, were in from Boston and Ang and Linds were up from Denver. We had three different haircutters and the rest of us worked hard to entertain Avery so that she would sit still.

Our little monkey on Halloween!

Some pics of Street Legal Pizza:

Some videos of our walking, talking girl! The first one was taken on the first day Avery was really walking. She actually pulled off an 11 stepper in her monkey feet!

Avery loves to stick her head out of the dog door and say "hi" to the dogs. She has also learned how to say "Kona" but it sounds like Koko...so, she will just stick her head out the door for ten minutes at a time saying "Hi Koko Hi".

This last one is a video of her getting ready for her Dad to come home from work. The outfit is what she was wearing when I picked her up from daycare. Apparently, she got her pants dirty and this was the smallest t-shirt they could find!

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