Avery's first hike up Mount Sanitas. She was a big fan!

Reading with Mom.

Our neighbor dropped off this lady bug costume and we couldn't resist.
Here is the first of Avery's birthday pictures. We put her in her fairy outfit and she had it on for 30 seconds before she started crying.

We decided it was time for some jeans.

Showing Avery how to open her presents.

She was into it for a minute.

And then she decided she would rather eat the wrapping paper.

Her new baby doll from her Mammer and Papi.

A new outfit from Ang and Linds.

Some new slippers from Meg. These are great because she can't immediately pull them off and stick them in her mouth.

Blowing out her very first candle (okay, I helped a little).

Her first go with pink frosting.

Not so sure about it...

Why are you making me eat this?

Oh, because it is delicious, that's why!

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