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Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Things are going great at the Wiegand house. Avery is now 9 months old and is doing amazing things like: clapping on cue, clucking like a chicken, fake coughing, sticking her tongue out, constantly squealing in delight, almost crawling, etc. Yes, the child is exceptional. She gave us a bit of a scare the other day though. I was holding her and thinking that she felt a little bit warm. I took her temperature and "a little bit warm" ended up being a temperature of 104. So, Josh and I took her into the emergency room. The Doctor said not to worry though and that we should really only worry if the baby's temp is 105 or higher. And, there I was thinking to myself...but 104 is so very close to 105, i think i will worry at 104, thanks. They gave her some medicine and her fever was down to 102 by the time we left. She seemed fine once we got home and was fully recovered by the next morning.

Here are some pics and movies:

The picture above was the tenth one we took of Avery. The first nine looked like the one below. The kid will NOT keep her tongue in her mouth!!!

Here she is loving her peas:

And, here she is going for her first bike ride! Unfortunately, it was the last smile we saw on her face until the bike ride was over.

Below, Avery is trying to crawl again...as you can see, not a ton of improvement in that department!

There is supposed to be another video here but it won't upload...i will try again later in a new post!

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