We had so much fun on our vacation to Florida! Opa and Sha Sha were kind enough to open their beautiful vacation home to the entire Valentine posse. Josh, Avery and I were down there for nine wonderful days and my family joined us for seven of those days. Chris, Emily, Samantha and Melissa stayed at the Disney Resort in Vero Beach, which was about fifteen minutes away. We spent most of our time lounging around by the pool but we also found time to visit the Magic Kingdom, the Farmer's Market and a few restaurants.

Valentine family pic.

Wiegand family pic.

Chris, Emily, Samantha, Melissa and I had a blast at the Magic Kingdom hitting all the rides and watching the parade.

The first of many cousin pics.

Samantha loved rocking Avery when she was in her carrier.

Bouncing makes you pretty tired sometimes.

Aunt Melissa hanging out with her girls.
Fun with Dad on the plane.

Hanging out with Opa in the pool.

Having fun on her new playmat - courtesy of Opa and Sha Sha.

This is what I found when I went to check on Samantha, who was supposed to be taking a nap in her pack-n-play!
Samantha was not a fan of her daddy playing with another baby. Here she is nuzzling her way in so that her head is right in between the other two. She did it very nicely though, as you can see.

Emily was in charge of both babies while Chris and I went out for a bit. It is good for her to get some practice since Valentine baby #2 will be here in June!

Opa doting on his grandaughter.

Hanging out poolside at the Disney resort.
Chris and Emily hitting the waterslide at the Disney resort.

Sammy using Avery's head as leverage to hoist herself up.

They both look thrilled to be posing together in this picture.

Who is having more fun in the pool? Hmm...

I mean, how cute is she???

Daddy and baby taking a stroll on the beach.

So sweet.

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