Oh boy, it is a tense day here in the Wiegand household...Giants Vs. Eagles...and a playoff game no less! Thanks goodness Avery came out a Giants fan:)

It's crazy to see how much Avery has grown in less than two months. She actually fills the onesie out lengthwise now but she still has some work to do in the width department! Here's a little flashback to when she was in her Giants' onesie the last time:

Well, despite Avery's outfit and Sammy's rally cap (below picture was sent by Emily in the 4th Quarter), the Giants fell to the stupid Eagles. Congrats to Josh and his fellow Philadelphians.


josh said...

She is not a Giants fan. The look of disgust in the first picture says it all.

Kalpana Bhandarkar said...

Dear Abby,

I would like to know how the allegiances are supposed to work for the child when the parents differ on sports teams. For instance, my husband is an avid Yankees fan while I am an anti-Yankees fan and prefer the 1986 Mets. Does the child automatically take the mothers' team? Please advise.

Margie for the Mets.

josh said...

Dear Mets Fan,

Provided both parents are similarly fanatical about their teams, the child becomes a fan of the team that is in the longest championship drought at the time of birth. Therefore, in your case, Mets trump Yanks. When a parent goes against this time-tested methodology, bad mojo will occur, as we saw when Baby Avery pooped in her Giants Onesie.

Let's go Mets (except when they play the Phils).