Thanksgiving Weekend

It is Sunday afternoon and we are relaxing after a fun filled long weekend. BB, our cousin who lives in San Diego, flew in to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was her first time meeting the baby and she was a huge help! She, along with our friends Ang and Jeanne, spent Wed. - Sat. with us and all took night shifts with the baby. It was such a treat for Josh and me.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our friends and we actually got to see our family back in Connecticut via webcam. We spent the rest of the weekend doing exactly what we planned on doing - eating, drinking and hanging around the house. We did venture out to Pearl Street on Friday afternoon to do some window shopping, peruse the Boulder Bookstore and grab a bite to eat.

Avery has been getting better and better at independent play time. Her activity mat is great for this and she spends a good amount of time looking at her toys and trying to hit them with her hand. As you can tell from the picture, indpendent play time can be very tiring.

Avery was full of smiles this morning and we finally caught one with the camera.

Avery and Dad chilling out on the couch.

Avery saw her first snow this weekend.

Avery getting ready to brave the cold weather in her snowsuit.

A picture of our Thanksgiving crew.

Here is a picture of our Thanksgiving feast. Our parents were a little bit worried when they found out that we were going shopping for our Thanksgiving food on Thursday morning but here is proof that we were able to pull it all off!

Avery spending some quality time with Aunt BB.

Avery and BB resting up before the Thanksgiving festivities begin.
Avery is still loving bathtime. Here is a pic of her drying off before getting ready for her first Thanksgiving.

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