Watch out Sammy Val...B Dub is on your tail!

After being admonished by Emily “Super Blogger” Valentine for a lack of updates to our blog, we have decided to get this thing going. We would like to send our congratulations to Chris and Emily and a heartfelt welcome to little Sammy Studebaker Valentine. Emily’s water broke just before midnight last night and she gave birth at 8:52 this morning to a beautiful baby girl. For more information and pics of the newest Valentine beauty, check out http://valentine-family.blogspot.com/.

The big news on our front is that we are also expecting a new addition come October. I have just begun my second trimester and am feeling great. The best place to begin the story is at the beginning so here we go. Back in January, I started to feel a little bit funny – not sleeping well, more tired than usual and just an overall feeling of lethargy. I decided to go pick up a 3-pack of home pregnancy tests to see if that was the cause. I took one and it came back negative. That wasn’t the result I was looking for so I decided to try again the next morning. I checked it within the seven minute window – negative again. I decided to jump into the shower to wash my blues away. When I got out, I picked up the test to throw it away and saw the faintest little pink line in the second window. At this point, I concluded that the condensation from the shower must have skewed the results. So, I decided to make my ruling based on a best 2 out of 3. Test number 3 agreed with test number 2 so I decided it was time to let my “baby daddy” in on the big news. We took two more tests to confirm (yes, I am crazy) including one where the results read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” to be 100% certain. After that one came back positive, we decided it was time to call the doctor!

Our first appointment was at 9 weeks and we were able to see B Dub (our nickname for Baby W.) on the ultrasound (pictured below). The doctor was very impressed with B Dub’s heartbeat, which has Josh conviced that our baby to be is going to be a bike racer. I, on the other hand, jumped to the conclusion that the baby is taking after Mammer Valentine (my mom), who is always going, going, going.

I feel that my first trimester was a pretty easy one especially after reading all of the horror stories posted on pregnancy websites. I definitely battled nausea and sleepiness for a good part of the first few months but it never seemed overwhelming. The worst part was the full two weeks where I could not even stand the idea of hot vegetables (especially artichokes, which I am realizing that I am still having an aversion to seeing that my stomach just turned as I typed the word). Anyway, not being able to eat hot vegetables is especially problematic in my household because our diet is centered around such things. Josh would cook up this amazing meal and I would have to toast a piece of bread and slather peanut butter and jelly on it. I feel like I am over the veggie aversion (artichokes aside) so B Dub can expect to receive actual nutrients now.

We have doctor appointment #2 on Monday so there will be more updates to follow. Stay tuned!


Val said...

Great job on the blog - keep it up. Sammy looks forward to reading ALL about the dubs...

Kalpana Bhandarkar said...

Hi Baby B Dub! Let's talk about volleyball as your winter sport (we'll keep biking, but only in spring and summer).

Amanda said...

Yes! Another blog to keep up with...love it. Congrats on the little monkey growing inside you. Can't wait to follow along. Hope to catch you on another speaker phone call from MCV's office!